A few weeks ago I got the chance to see Gareth Williams from Liine demonstrate their applications at the WHAM BAM show in Hollywood. I haven’t yet acquired an iPad, but will soon and these apps are the first things I’m going to load on there (after my Things app)! He showed Griid with the new Cliip module—the only iPad controller that lets you seamlessly edit Ableton Live MIDI clips. They’ve got other apps like LiveControl, which allows for full control of Ableton Live and the FREE Kapture, a “total recall” Max for Live device developed alongside Richie Hawtin exclusively for his Plastikman Live tour.

The first two videos are from the WHAM BAM show, where Gareth discusses their products and makes some cool noises along the way. I’ve checked out his music, it’s really rad—he goes by the name of Raw Hedroom. Gareth just sent me some sneak peaks of what’s to come, and it’s really minimal and really groovy.

Aside from the presentation clips, I got a chance to sit down with Gareth at the lovely NAMM show and ask him some questions about his company, about inspiration, his personal passion of creating technologies and about musical projects that he’s working on. He proves to be a great interview, although we were both a bit tired by the end of a long NAMM weekend :)